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An all-inclusive health program

From mindset, to nutrition, to movement, to using food and herbs as medicine, this is a holistic program for your mental AND physical health.

Manageable steps that go at your pace

The program is broken down step-by-step, but you determine the pace. No matter where you’re starting from, you will see significant results in your overall well-being.

You have the steps and care plans laid out for you, so you can always revisit & implement them.

Specific, personalized weekly care plans that are yours forever

I spend hours crafting your care plan after our weekly talk, and it’s made with ONLY you in mind. They are packed with nutrition tips, herbal suggestions, lifestyle recommendations, and all the resources I can possibly send you- all yours to keep.

Intimate and non-judgemental support

I meet you where you are, and everything is completely confidential. I work with you on a soul level, providing support while you learn how to cultivate your most favorite version of yourself.


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