Lab Analysis

functional lab analysis

The Truth About Lab Tests

There are two reference ranges to consider when assessing blood work:

Pathological reference ranges used to detect disease. If we’re in these ranges, we are already feeling unwell and could be on our way to developing more serious problems.
Functional reference ranges determine the risk of disease before it develops. If they deviate, it allows us to target the imbalances before illness sets in.

Most health practitioners use pathological ranges. They are based on a bell curve of the patients who have had their blood drawn, not on ranges for optimal health. 

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

That’s where Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) comes in. I analyze blood test results by functional reference ranges in order to recognize imbalances and help keep your body as healthy as it can be.

Our blood holds significant clues to achieving optimal health and I’m trained to put those puzzle pieces together.

Lab Assessment Service


Have you had recent lab work done? Schedule a Lab Analysis Session with me, and I will look more deeply into your symptoms and lab results. I’ll do an in-depth investigation into your lab markers according to functional ranges; this will uncover patterns and imbalances in order to address the possible source of your symptoms.

What you get:

  • A comprehensive lab assessment of your existing blood work     *I do not provide blood tests, only analysis
  • A 45 minute coaching session to discuss your current symptoms and struggles and how they relate to your lab markers
  • A detailed and personalized care plan outlining nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions based on your lab results and symptoms